Our First 8 Week Strength Challenge

On 22nd May, 2021 we kicked off our first ever strength challenge! Designed to have you step outside your comfort zone and discover your true strength potential whilst improving your body’s ability to generate or resist force.

Challenge Inclusions

  • Open gym access & unlimited access to +55 classes a week
  • Meal plan designed by qualified nutritionist⠀
  • 1 x 45 minute PT Session⠀
  • 2 x mobility sessions⠀
  • 2 x body composition scans⠀
  • 3 x exclusive strongman workouts⠀
  • Coaching & mentoring by qualified & experienced trainers⠀
  • Goal setting & accountability⠀
  • Transformation photos⠀
  • Access to check-ins with a Purebred Coach⠀
  • Food & drinks provided at awards party⠀
  • Major & minor prizes to be won!⠀

$40 a week + your weekly Purebred Fitness membership fee.

Purebred Fitness 8 Week Strength Challenge