Don’t compare yourself to anyone else yourself

This may be a subconscious feeling that you are unaware of.

For example

  • Running up the driveway at the back of the pack
  • In a class where you don’t lift as heavy as the person next to you
  • Being a size different to everyone else
  • Giving yourself a hard time, because that person ate a salad where you enjoyed your pizza.
  • Scrolling through social media
    Etc etc etc ….

I think you get my point but YOU ARE YOUR OWN INDIVIDUAL!

  1. That person that you are staring at –
  2. Followed a completely different life path then you
  3. May have a different goalDoesn’t actually really care what the person next to them is doing
  4. Probably hasn’t even noticed you 🙂 I mean that in a nice way.

The minute you realise you are running your own race, and you are the the ONLY one who will help you succeed, you will be a much happier and content person.

Be consistent by working hard , keeping a training diary, keep eating well & your results will soon show!