Partner Challenge

PB have an exciting partner challenge commencing Monday 16th May. We wanted to offer it exclusively to PB members first before we put the details out there to the general public. We will only be taking 18 teams so please put your names down at reception ASAP if you want to participate.
This challenge will run for 4 weeks, ending on Monday 13th June and is no doubt going to be epic!
This challenge will run differently to our usual challenges, there will be no weigh in, no photos (unless you really want one), and no nutritional plan. This challenge is purely designed for you and your partner to hold each other accountable, motivate each other and above all, have a bit of competitive fun! 

All participants must create their own teams of two prior to signing up. There will be plenty of fun and tough training sessions/challenges to complete over a 4 week period with some great prizes to be won at the end. We are only taking limited teams so find yourself a partner and contact us today.

For new members don’t forget about our 7 FREE Trial period. This needs to be done prior to the challenge commencing.


What is the cost?

Gold Membership + Myzone purchase

How many in a team?

Teams of 2 and a total of 18 teams only

Are there prizes?

There are 3 prizes to be won!

  1. First Prize for winning team is based on points system = $1,000 Flight Centre Voucher ($500 per person)
  2. Second Prize is based on Myzone MEPS – 1 team gets 2 week free membership each + supplement package
  3. Third Prize is based on Team effort – Sparta recovery boots session each

When are the team sessions?

  1. Week 1: May 18th – Wednesday 6:30pm
  2. Week 2: May 28th – Saturday 5am session
  3. Week 3: June 1st – Wednesday 6:30pm
  4. Week 4: June 8th – Saturday 9am session + awards

What are the rules?

  • Both partners must attend above weekly challenge sessions.
  • Both partners to complete Sunday session workouts programmed by coaches. Points will only be given after proof of completion and must be done on the Sunday.
  • Any dishonesty will results in immediate elimination of team from Challenge
  • Points can be deducted for unfair play and lack of attendance.
  • Points will be awarded throughout the challenge for work collectively as a team effort, attendance and attitude towards weekly challenges that will challenge you.
Partner Challenge