Pop Up Stretch & Mobility Workshop

Not A Yoga Class

Start Date: August 15th
Times: Monday & Thursdays at 6:30pm
Class Length: 50 minutes
PB Members: $12 per class*
Non Members: $20 per class


Do you keep saying you’re going to start stretching?

Purebred’s newest addition to the timetable ‘Not A Yoga Class’ run by elite gymnast Kaylah Daly is ideal for those;

  • With both physically active and office jobs
  • Who are on their feet all day
  • Who lift weights and exercise regularly
  • Who aren’t stretching before and after their training

The ‘Not A Yoga’ class will focus on full body stretch and trigger point release. Releasing calves, hamstrings and groin to minimise lower back pains. Foam rollers will be implemented into this class to assist in the relief of aches and pains.

These stretch and mobility classes will run for 6 weeks at a time with a 4 week break in between each block. Come and go to each class as you please.

Book in via the Purebred App from the 12th of August.

*These classes are not included in Purebred memberships. Additional fees apply. ‘

Stretch & Mobility Workshop